Monday, July 19, 2010

Veranda Necklaces

As soon as our younger daughter saw the first washer pendant necklace I made, she started asking if we could make one for her. Of course! After completing the swap necklaces, we got right to work. She chose the Veranda paper pack and wanted the design with the birds. (Hers is the one on the right.) I'm not sure how well the birds show up, but she loves her necklace! In fact, we had to make another one (middle) for her BFF Leilani.

The necklace on the left is mine. I used the gorgeous Veranda Creative Basics paper pack and covered it with Glitz Gel, then embellished it with a pewter Filigree Charm (minus the brad). I added a small Sparkle to the center.

If you look at it at an angle, can you see the sparkle and glitter of the Glitz Gel?

Want one for yourself? Ask me how!


  1. I'm thinking one of these belongs to ME!!!!

  2. Where's mine??? Traci, I'm pulling rank. I'm next!

  3. I got mine! And I LOVE it! (And I saw Traci's, too. Missed you at class, Traci, hope you are feeling better.)

  4. Mom, since you're pulling rank, you might as well tell me what color(s) or paper pack/pattern you'd prefer. I'll get right to work!

  5. I want to make a dozen of these! HELP! I went to Splitcoast and they are al stamping on the washer. You have covered the washer with paper. How are punching out the center. I tried the Xacto knife and it looks terrible! Email me at with suggestions/instructions. Thanks!


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