Friday, July 30, 2010

Diary of a Scrapbook Layout

This post may ramble way too much for some of you, but I thought you might like to see inside my creative, um, genius and thought processes. Good luck with this one! LOL

Saturday 7/24 (evening): Found two photos (probably the only ones I have) of my graduation from my Master's degree program while trying to reorganize the slew of photos we've taken over the years. Set them aside because they really need to be scrapbooked. (I am trying to do more scrapbooking of me, because who better to tell my story? I don't want the girls wondering who's in the pictures, what's going on, etc.)

Sunday 7/25 (early morning): Work on organizing my supplies to prepare for moving my craft room. Found my Notebook paper pack, which would be a perfect match for my graduation pictures! Pull this pack out- including the My Stickease artwork- and take it to the craft table.

Sunday 7/25 (lunchtime): I've been thinking about my graduation off and on all morning. It just keeps coming back to me. The girls have gone off with Aunt Amy, so I sat down at the computer and began typing my journaling. The memories just pour out! Normally I don't type my journaling, but I have a lot to say. In fact, it's ended up being about half a page (typed). I've already edited it a bit, but I think I've written the important stuff. Time to leave it alone and have some lunch.

(After lunch) Tweaked journaling a bit because I remembered something important. While I rotate laundry, I'm going to see if I have any other pictures in my box of college stuff. I think it's just undergrad, but it's worth a quick check. (Multitasking, right?)

OK, hit the jackpot and found an entire package of developed pictures from my graduation! (Also found our Alaska trip pix but will have to save those for now.) After sifting through them, I have 10, count 'em, 10 possibles I could use. I doubt that I will use all of them, but those are my choices. Now I need to flip through my how-to guides to see if I find a layout using lots of pictures that I like.

Decided on the Sideline Surprise sketch from my Close To My Heart Imagine how-to guide. I'm excited to try this one since I haven't before. After playing with my papers a bit, it was time to cut. I got the pieces cut and then placed them out on my table. Still lookin' good!

Cutting the pictures at the angles is not nearly as tricky as it looks. The guide is fabulous!!! It's time to go to the dock so I'll work on it later- or tomorrow.

(4:30) It is HOT out there! While cooling off, I decided to start messing with my layout again. My journaling is too long according to my test print on scrap paper, so I cut it a bit short. Works well now. My layout is finished by about 5:15, just in time to show it off to my hubby (who is inside cooling off from working on the pontoon boat engine that is RUNNING! WOOHOO!!!). He loves it and says it's about time I do something for me. Do you see why I keep him? LOL Time to go walk the dog. After our walk while the sunlight is still good, I'll take pictures to post here. Hope you've enjoyed the journey!

I really have no idea how long it took me to make this layout. I just worked on it in bits and pieces until it was done. Sometimes taking a break and coming back is the best thing you can do for your creativity, anyway.

(How about that baby bump?)

If you've made it this far, have a fabulous weekend!!! We're just getting home from a camping trip, so that will mean a bit of cleaning for us. It's worth it!

{Layout 2010 #34}


  1. Aww, how sweet to travel that journey all over again with you, and a lovely way to leave a historical legacy for your girls. Miss y'all!

  2. I thought that was a comment from a new post-er, (above this one) until I read it and figured it out! I enjoyed reading about your creative process and seeing the pictures, too. Hugs!


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