Sunday, March 29, 2009

You say it's your birthday?

It's my birthday too! It has been a wonderful birthday weekend. Last night, my sister cooked a scrumptious dinner for all of us to celebrate my b-day and my parents' return from the warmer climate. After three months, we were all glad to be back together! Amy rocked the house with an incredible Key Lime pie (my absolute fave of all time). This may not be the best picture, but I bet you can tell that we had fun!

After church today, we had lunch out w/my in-laws. What a nice treat! I've spent the afternoon stamping and couldn't resist playing around with my Cupcake Sprinkles stamp set. Now I get to go fold some laundry... Ah, the life of a birthday gal! (I'm afraid I'm too old to be a birthday girl anymore!)

Thanks to everyone for the birthday greetings and well wishes I've received. Thanks for making my special day special.


  1. I SO love the cupcake set! Your card is super yummie. Great pic and Happy Birthday!

  2. haley-

    If i had known it was your birthday, I would have left you a $5 olay coupon! It's never too soon

    Happy Birthday

  3. So glad you had a great birthday weekend! And may you have many more!

  4. Chunkygal is sooo charming! That's what friends are for:)

    Thanks for blessing our lives.
    We love you,
    Mom and Dad


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