Thursday, July 21, 2011

Computer Woes

My pretty pink (13-month old) Dell Inspiron laptop has been acting pretty persnickety lately, and yesterday it finally decided to quit on me. I guess I have been working it too hard and it needs a bit of summer vacation too. It would put in the token effort of turning on, but it wouldn't actually do anything productive, like open programs!

I was on the phone with Dell tech support for over two hours last night, and we weren't even able to restore the factory settings. I have to give a big shout out to my DH who helped me, especially with unscrewing the back cover and taking out the memory chips. He was very kind and patient, as was my new Indian friend whose name I can't entirely pronounce.

I am praying that the Carbonite backup will be there and restore all my precious photos from this year once the laptop is fixed! (If it doesn't, you will hear the crying!) Also, naturally, the machine is no longer under warranty. (Did I know this? Did they bother to contact me and ask if I'd like to renew it before it expires?!? Great service- not!)

So, this means the photos I've taken of the four recent layouts I've made are "temporarily unavailable." I am not sure if I am going to try to retake them or just wait and see how long it will take the laptop to get fixed. Fortunately, I have my good ole' MacBook from work that I am able to use right now (but it's not hooked up to my home printer, I don't know how to put my photos on it, etc.) Oops, sorry about that little whine. This is, indeed, a learning opportunity.

I know in the scheme of things this is not the end of the world- my family is healthy, our house is neater than it's been in ages, and I have a few short weeks left of summer break! I will get back to my Pollyanna self, but you may not see me here very much. I just wanted to let you know why. I will be around to visit you and your blogs, etc., in the meanwhile, and now that DD's bed is moved into her new room (and they have to work on the old room), I plan to spend a little time in my craft room- after I spend a little time in my classroom getting it ready for school!

Thanks for reading my ramblings! See you again one day soon!

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  1. Rave all you want to over puter woes! Carbonite won't let you down. I know. Been there/done that. Still gotta unhide my wifi so my new iPad can see it! I don't know nuttin 'bout networking puters:(


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