Friday, August 28, 2015

Support the Panthers! Fall Sports Intro 2015

Our high school released a Fall 2015 Sports video, and both of my girls are in it because of band.  At about 0:35 you'll see our senior on clarinet, and at about 5:25 our freshman on bass drum.  Continue watching, because the end of the band section (at 5:35+) made me laugh.  Their show this year is "The Incredibles," and of course I think they're doing an incredible job!  Our first game is tonight, but Little Bit won't be there. :(  She's home with cold/flu symptoms (but at least her earache seems to have gone away).


Traveling Bells said...

Loved the video and seeing all the kids, especially our two very special ones. We plan to see the band perform tonight! Game? What game?!

Joy said...

I surely hope Miss M feels better fast! I look forward to seeing a halftime show when it gets a little cooler. Now I'm going to watch that video and see who I can recognize.


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