Wednesday, January 16, 2008

French Funny

We were watching the Weather Channel after school (snow/freezing rain in the forecast), and when Mlle A. turned off the television, she said in a faux French accent that "Zee teevee eez off." What made it so funny to me is that her "off" sounded like "oeuf," the French word for egg. Silly, I know, but it struck my funny bone. Too bad her maman never seems to find time to teach the girls to parler francais!

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  1. Bonjour! With today being a 'snow day,' it is a perfect time to work in a little francais, my dear, especially since you do it sooo well...both the teaching 'n the talking! Sounds purty when you parler francais:-). Even that guy from the French Counsulate thought you were a native!...xoxo, Mom in overcast FL (but we'll suffer through the overcast)


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