Friday, July 11, 2008

She's back!

Miss A is home safe, sound, and EXHAUSTED from a fabulous week at 4-H camp. She was so busy she hardly had time to miss us. We'll update again when we get her pictures developed.


  1. Haley, why do the kids get to spend summer at camp and the parents (who work) don't get a camp? I wanna go to camp!!! XO, Liz

  2. Having the kids at camp is what the parents get! :-)
    Welcome home, Ansley! Hope to see you tomorrow and hear about camp.
    Aunt Joy

  3. I am so glad she had a great time a 4H camp. Where did she go? I have such great memories from 4H camp at Eagle Rock/Rock Eagle (something like that, lol!) and Camp Wahsega (Sp?), you know, the place right near you. Regardless if I remember the name right or not you know what I mean, lololol! We used to pan for gold there. Did she go there?


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