Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Help Wanted!

OK, so I know I need help on many levels, but what I really need RIGHT NOW is a title for the layout I'm making of the kids on the trampoline. You can see my original blog post w/pictures HERE to help inspire you to inspire me. ;) I hadn't really planned on scrapping these photos, but the girls laughed so hard at the pictures that I couldn't resist.

If I pick your title (or your idea inspires me) then I will send you a little thank-you *blog candy* from me to thee, so get your thinkin' cap on and have some fun. THANKS! Leave me a comment, okay?!?


  1. Ok brainstorming here...
    look mom no hands
    we do all our own stunts
    Bouncin a' round
    Up and Down
    How high?
    we can Fly
    Kids at play
    laughter and giggles
    FUN is....

    OK I am done ha ha...I am not a good scrapper so I am hopeless at titles. Some expert scrapper will come here and nail it in one try!
    Those pictures are so much FUN.

  2. I think a title would be:

    Just DROPPING by...to sah HIGH!
    Did Tigger start like this?
    More Bounce Per Ounce

    You are funny Sarah...I was hoping you would leave me some to say hehe. HTH

  3. Hmmmmm.... we just picked up a children's CD from a local artist called Jumpity Jump - might make a cute title! Good Luck (and thanks for visiting my blog!)

  4. I left you my comment on facebook yesterdat but I didn't have time last night to get out my scrapbook and see what I said on my trampoline layout. I'm sure you've gotten a great title by now!

  5. Thanks everybody for playing! Inspiration struck me tonight as I was walking the dog. I have no idea why... I will post a follow up when I get the layout finished. Thank you for your help.


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