Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Fur Babies (Layouts #32 & 33)

Here are layouts about our fur babies. The layout about Franklin was one that I made several years ago but hadn't finished. Yes, I had put it up and then forgot about it. It was nice to find it though! I added the stamped images and the stamped name title, and then decided our kitty needed some "yarn" on his pages, so out came the Sassy Strands.

My dear friend, now Close To My Heart downline, and savings queen extraordinaire (among other things), made me this layout for our puppy Shadow. All I had to do was add photos and some journaling. She used her Pazzle to cut out the title. She is loving that machine!

Both of these layouts use the retired Pet papers from Close To My Heart. They'll both be going in the "All About Us" album, since our pets are part of the family.

Now that I've bragged about my pets, tell me a little about yours! (I guess this is kind of a "I showed you mine now show me yours" post.)


  1. You are going through layouts like crazy..I am watching your 'counter' LOL. Both of these are so cute. I love the puppy in the dishwasher :-)
    I have this paper is so neat.

  2. These pages are 'adowable,' but so are the fur babies. Our 'babies' need to get out of the puter and onto da layout:-) Need to unearth old photos of Belle Belle, Ginger and Pepper to add to the mix. Great memories...

  3. Ma,e pages for those grandpuppies I hope


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