Saturday, May 1, 2010

HaPpY NaTiOnAl ScRaPbOoK DaY & CtMh SuMmEr IdEa BoOk LaUnCh!

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If you're not coming to my crop today, then please look online at the Summer 2010 Close To My Heart Idea Book. You can find it by clicking right HERE. (You will have to click on the image once you get to my CTMH website to open the catalog, but then you can browse your heart's content.)

For those of you thinking that you are not scrapbookers, ponder this quote from Stacy Julian, scrapbook guru:

"Scrapbooking is anything you do with pictures and words, to honor a moment in time."

She continues with "Scrapbooking includes traditional scrapbooks and photo albums. Traditional scrapbooks come in all sorts of sizes and styles. Some sit on a shelf, others can be tucked under a pillow. Scrapbooks can be part of your home d├ęcor and even part of your library of bound hardcover books.

"The good news is there are so many additional forms of scrapbooking today.
*When you display your photos on your phone or MP3 player or some other hand held device, you are scrapbooking.
*When you write a post on your blog, you are scrapbooking.
*When you self publish using a service like, you are scrapbooking.
*When you decide to post and share photos via a
Shutterfly Share Site, you are scrapbooking.
*When you start a new
Flickr group (private or public) you are scrapbooking.
*When you visit and start a daily calendar online, you are scrapbooking. Note: you can see my
Shutter Cal here.
*When you send out a
Twitter tweet or update your status on Facebook, you are scrapbooking.
*When you document milestones and memories at
This Moment you are most definitely scrapbooking.

"This is a short list of just a few of the tools and services that provide us an avenue for recognizing and validating our lives.

"ANYTIME, you do anything that freezes time, records personal perspective, documents daily life or preserves, for now and the future, words and/or photos, you are embracing the spirit of scrapbooking."

So, scrappers, celebrate TODAY and take some pictures to share!

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  1. I'll be there to celebrate with you and the gals this morning...and get my new catalog!!!


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