Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dear Nephew!

My sweet nephew turns four today! Here he is enjoying one of his new toys (a helicopter that you launch with that gadget in his hand) from his birthday party last night. (That's Grammie in the background behind him.) A good time was definitely had by all! We love you, big guy!!!

Yesterday's cross country meet- our first real one- ended up not being as much fun. It was really neat to see all the kids, and boy was there some stiff competition! Macey, in the 9-10 bantam category- got sick not long after I took this picture and couldn't finish her 3K race. (It was surprisingly HOT and she overheated, turning as red as her shirt!)

Ansley didn't even want to start her 3K after her sister got sick, but she did. Not only did she complete her race, but she finished 2nd for our team in her midget category. Only one team member placed (3rd in the sub-bantam group), but we are proud of each team member who ran! They all put in a good effort, which is way more important than winning.


  1. That was a fun 'boy' celebration last night that even the wee girls enjoyed.

    I'm very proud of our runner gals. They are all full of team spirit and effort!...xoxoxo

  2. I'm proud of them, too. I remember well when Melissa got sick, vomited, and had to be carried down to the finish line on a stretcher at High School State XC Meet the first year she competed. Meanwhile I was watching the course, waiting for her to run by...she'd had a bit of a bug a few days before, and thought she was ok but just wasn't up to the run. But that was the only time in her XC career that she got sick running. Hopefully this will be Macey's only time, too!


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