Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CTMH Product Spotlight Blog Hop: Scrapbooking Techniques

Welcome to another CTMH blog hop! This hop is a short one featuring some amazing scrapbook techniques, so hop along! (If you're already hopping then you should have arrived from Tamytha's blog. Otherwise, you can start right here, hop to Jill's blog next, and keep hopping right around this blog hop.)

As much as I love classic (paper, ink, and adhesive) scrapbooking, my life has been a little hectic lately (plus I'm trying to move my craft room, one item at a time) and my craft time has been severely limited. One thing I have been able to do is spend time with my husband watching TV and scrapbooking the Studio J way, on my laptop with my digital photos! There is absolutely no mess to clean up- just hit save and close the laptop! Wow, that's not too hard! If you haven't given Studio J a try yet, visit your CTMH consultant's website (or MINE) to get started for free. These pictures were taken on a recent (grueling) hike where we hiked over 8 miles on the Appalachian Trail. I love that I was able to scrapbook them almost immediately after I took the photos! (Not to mention, I was too sore to do much of anything else.) While I didn't originally think of the Wings collection, I love how these colors work with my photos! Here are a few of the things I was able to do in Studio J:
*Text directly on a photo: Create a text box from the pull-down text tool window, place it directly over a photo you've already inserted, and type away!
*Using My Stickease to cover up parts of the patterned paper that you don't like: Do you see the green butterfly in the middle left of the left page? It is covering a butterfly on the patterned paper background that was upside down. You can rotate the paper orientation in Studio J and I loved how the patterned paper looked except for the upside down butterfly. I slapped a My Stickease butterfly over the renegade critter and then loved how it looked. (You can also rotate the layout pages!)

*Layering My Stickease: You can layer the My Stickease on top of your photos, journaling, and each other!
*Sponging/distressing: You can "sponge" color onto pieces of Studio J "paper." Maybe you can tell that I sponged Grey Wool onto the Sweet Leaf background of the right page. Then, I only distressed the edges of the photo mat so that it would "pop" a bit more. Studio J is very user-friendly, and I'm finding it great fun to use! Give it a try. If you don't like what you do, just click "undo." I love that feature!!! Feel free to email me directly (email on sidebar) if you have questions, or leave them in the comments section.
Thanks for stopping by! Head over to Jill's blog for some more scrapbook inspiration!
{Layout 2011 #17}


  1. These look great...and easy? Wow, great results. That rocks!

  2. Amazing layouts! I just love how Studio J looks so "real".
    Wendy K.

  3. Great layouts. Need to do some Studio J layouts because have like 400 pictures to scrap and just sent to print 700...
    Pretty, practical and sharable!

  4. beautiful layouts. I love how studio j takes the CTMh philosophy of faster.simplier.easier to a whole new level! thanks for sharing.

  5. Fabulous layouts!!! You have inspired me to frequent Studio J more often.

  6. Love your layout. I've done all those things with Studio J. It's awesome!

  7. Beautiful layout! The wings paper is perfect for your pictures. I also really like the journaling on the photo. Hiking the Appalachian Trail is on my bucket list. :)


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