Monday, March 7, 2011

My Brother (Layout Share)

You may recall that I gave my parents a family album for Christmas with a few layouts in it. My brother didn't get me his pictures in time for Christmas, but I promised my parents that he'd get a layout in there too. I finally finished it in time for the February Studio J special. (Who doesn't love a deal?) I also realized that I could order two copies, one for them and one for our family album.

What do you think, Mom? You won't get your "hard" copy until you get back home. Hope you like it! (Hey, Brian, if you're looking too then I hope you also like it!) Feel free to chime in (by leaving me a comment) to tell me what you think of the layout too.

Everything you see was created in Studio J using the Lucky collection.

Studio J tip: All of the papers can be changed, but where they are located cannot. For example, the harlequin blue background (behind the title, the thin strip across the tip, and the piece across the bottom right) can be changed, but everything in those areas will be changed. These sections were originally green, but you are able to change them to any color within that collection's color palette.

{Layout 2011 #15}


  1. Great layouts! Well worth waiting for.

  2. Joy is so right! Those photos highlight a lot of the important times and people in Brian's life. I will love having this. Great job, honey...


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