Saturday, March 5, 2011

Labor Day Camping Layouts

Here is another pair of Studio J layouts I recently completed. They are obviously pictures from our camping trip over Labor Day weekend. I used the pretty new Mayberry collection, but highlighted different patterns on each of the two layouts.

Studio J tip: On both layouts, I layered the My Stickease embellishments by dragging them where I wanted them and resizing as necessary. Whichever My Stickease you add first will be in the background. If you want to bring it to the foreground, you can right click on the image and then choose "bring to foreground" (or "move backward" if you want the reverse). Sometimes I can't get the layering right because there are multiple layers, so I sometimes "cut" an image from the back and then "paste" it back in so that it's in the front (or on top of the other images).

Give it a try, because it is much simpler than it sounds. Another great feature of Studio J is the "undo" option, so you can go back to the point when you liked your layout before you fiddled with it too much. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about!

Finally, don't you love the adorable pink grill image from the Mayberry collection? It is the perfect addition to our s'mores page!
{Layouts 2011 #13-14}


  1. Haley - I really like these layouts. I would not have picked Mayberry to go with camping but it is delightful and it shows to go outside your first thinking box! Great work

  2. Love these! Looks like the paper was made for these picture.


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