Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Girl Scout Craft: Squash Books

Recently, a (fairly) local Girl Scout troop leader asked me to teach a craft to her girls. I was delighted (and I must say that the girls were delightful!). The project I chose was a "squash book." (You can google the term to find directions if you don't already know how to make these fun books.)

We used the girly Sophia paper pack for our books. Unfortunately, the girls did not have time to stamp their albums, but I still think that they were pleased with the results. (Note to self: do the big project first and then the small one if time allows.)

[This 2nd photo shows the "belly band" pulled off.]

Here is the entire book opened up. How fun is that?

I'll leave you with the book my younger daughter made (in her favorite color, blue) to help me gauge the time and difficulty level. Isn't hers adorable?


  1. Absolutely adorable! No doubt. I am sure all the girls had fun...

  2. So cute, and having been a GS leader, I know the girls had a great time doing these. M's is darling.


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