Sunday, December 22, 2013

St. Simon's Layouts

We were able to go down to St. Simon's Island over Labor Day weekend to visit my MIL at a timeshare there.  It was really nice to get away!

Right now, we would love a little of this warm weather, but one of the reasons we live where we do is to enjoy the different seasons.  (I'm not sure how much I will enjoy winter this year.  It is already too cold for my liking!)

It is nice to relive our little getaway through our scrapbook on this chilly day!


Traveling Bells said...

I am dreaming of Palm trees. Me no likey cold either, but I sure enjoyed this layout of a fabulous trip. Making memories...

Joy said...

Winter won't be as bad when you are back in your house! But this layout is a great reminder of a fun and warmer time.


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