Wednesday, January 15, 2020

CTMH Technique Blog Hop: Terrific Treats

Even though the holidays are behind us, we always have events to celebrate, right?  Or how about just brightening a friend or co-worker's day?  Join me and fellow consultants on this "Terrific Treats" blog hop.  (If you're already hopping then you've probably arrived from Darlys's blog.  From here, you'll visit Cat's blog next.)
My first pocket had the floral on the outside, so you see more of the stripes.  (The black heart band is one of the zip strips, trimmed to fit.)  My second try used the stripes on the outside and shows more of the floral (with a pretty white ribbon bow).
This fun little pocket is made of a 6"x6" piece of patterned paper from the Celebrate Today collection.  To make, fold in half on the diagonal to make a triangle.  Then fold the left side over to the right (parallel to the bottom), and then the right wide over to the left (also parallel).  Then fold down the front top flap.
This pocket has a delicious Andes mints tucked into it.  You could easily add a little note too.
My third one uses a 9"x9" square of Spruced Up B&T and some Sangria ribbon.  (I forgot to take a picture before adding this delicious tea bag, but you can see what it looks like before, below.)
The left version started with a 9"x9" square and measures about 5"x6.5".  The second one started with a 6"x6" square and measures about 3.5"x4.25".

Thank you for hopping by!  Please leave a comment before hopping off to Cat's blog to continue the circle of new products and fabulous creations.


  1. Adorable little pockets. What a fun way to gift a treat!

  2. Another great idea, and I have a lot of old 6x6 sample papers!

  3. I love your versions of the pockets! So cute!

  4. These are so cute! Great idea and love seeing them with different papers.

  5. Love this sweet and simple treat holder!


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