Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday in Atlanta

Our dear friends (and parents of Miss A's BFF) suggested we take the girls to see High School Musical 2 at the Fox Theater, so off we went to Hotlanta yesterday. It worked out well that we were able to take my parents down to fly to Australia for a month. (You can follow their journey at the Traveling Bells & let 'em know I sent you.)

Since we were making a day of it, we took the girls to the Georgia Aquarium to see the Titanic exhibit. Though there weren't as many artifacts as I had hoped, it was still quite moving. What a tragic loss of human life. Interesting facts I learned:
*The first class cabins were quite spacious. They had their own private bath with running hot and cold water.
*At about $45K (in today's dollars) first-class passage did not include all amenities; some required an extra fee.
*Second class was still incredibly nice. Bathrooms were shared between cabins.
*None of the china, etc., carried the Titanic name. They did sport the White Star logo so that the pieces could be used on other White Star ships. The different classes had different china or in the lower classes, porcelain.
*Third class only had a few bathtubs for all 700 passengers, but it wasn't the problem you'd image because most people only bathed once a week anyway.
*The 28-degree salt water is below freezing but not frozen. While that seems obvious, when you read this fact with your hand on a block of ice, it sinks in that more people died of hypothermia than of drowning.
The fun side of the day included watching the pair of belugas whales and four whale sharks.

Trying to touch the rays and sharks in the touching take was not as easy as it looked! They feel like velvet and sandpaper respectively.

The Fox was indeed fabulous. Our seats were waaaaaaay up high, but we all enjoyed the show. What talent! (Dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory- a treat from my Emory days- was a perfect choice for our two familes and oh-so-close to the Fox.) The girls covered themselves w/a blanket before we got out of the parking deck and slept the whole way home. Miss M thought it was the fastest trip we've ever made back from Atlanta. Daddy & I didn't think so, but it was an uneventful one.
If you've read this far I appreciate it! Thanks in advance for saying a prayer for my parents while they travel.


  1. Oh what fun to go to the Aquarium AND the Fabulous Fox in the same day! Hugs...

  2. We also got to drive by Howell dorm @ Tech!

  3. Thanks soooo much for the lift to MARTA. Glad y'all had fun with all your doings. Miss ya already...xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo,
    Mom and Dad from "Down Under"
    heading to the Rhapsody of the Seas right now...

  4. I think I would prefer hypothermia to drowning..but that's a hard call.


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