Sunday, February 1, 2009

Easter Eggs

You were probably expecting hearts since Valentine's is only two weeks away, but Easter Eggs are popping up this month at Close To My Heart! Enjoy the projects these talented consultants created with the February stamp of the month, Easter Eggs. (I have some more "stamples" I'd love to share with you in person for more great ideas!)

Do you see the flowers made with the eggs? What about the birthday balloon? Too cute!

You can click on each image to enlarge it and to see which talented Close To My Heart consultant created it.


  1. Can you teach us how to do those flowers? I love this stamp set, can't wait to get it!

  2. i know i was down on Easter stamps, but the balloon idea tweaked my interest. Now I can't wait for joy to get it either, so i can borrow it!

    Haley, using the marker did work. Wasn't exactly like I thought/imagined but close enough.

  3. Joy, I will do my best to make these flowers. Mine are not nearly as pretty- yet- but we'll give them a try.

    CG, glad that the marker worked as a stand in. Glad to hear too that your class went well!!!

  4. Simply 'adowable' those flowers! Clever...I'm gonna go broke buying all this stuff!


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