Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy birthday, Amy!

Today is my beautiful sister's birthday! I won't disclose how old- we've had a long habit of watching each other's backs.

Ten things I love about Amy:
1. She is so funny.
2. She doesn't sugar coat things. You don't even have to ask her how she really feels!
3. She loves her family & friends deeply and is totally loyal.
4. She's a great mommie. I'm in awe of her. I love watching this aspect of her grow and develop.
5. She is confident.
6. She is independent.
7. She stands up for what she believes in.
8. She's a domestic goddess.
9. She is beautiful inside & out.
10. She knows me through & through & loves me anyway!


  1. Things I love about Amy

    #1 Pull my finger
    #2 Beer & Wings
    #3 Loves a good fart and crap joke as much as anyone
    #4 Good Friend
    #5 Coupon Buddy
    #6 She had boys...not me!
    #7 Oldest cardmaking scrapbooking friend..remember when we sat and muddled through our first Christmas cards???
    #8 Always up for something!

    Haley great day to move that to 2 layouts!

  2. Great job, Haley! It is even better coming from big sis, rather than Mom (moms brag, but also moms know y'all best!). Everything both you and chunkygal had to say describes our Amy. She is quite the versatile gal. Life would be so dull w/o her!

  3. #11 A bitch
    #12 A great cook
    #13 Takes care of me
    #14 Takes care of everyone around her
    #15 Will pull my finger
    #16 Loves me
    #17 I better take back #11. Nah, it's just funny!

  4. It is no surprise to me that BOTH of you gals are great mommies - you were great babysitters!

  5. Thank you so much!!!! I love everyone's comments...... except the bitch part.


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