Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy birthday, Macey!

Today is our little monkey's 8th birthday! Time sure has flown from the day she was born.

Here are 8 things we love about Macey (in no particular order):
1. her smile
2. her bubbly personality
3. her joie de vivre
4. her sportiness
5. her temperament
6. her independence
7. her humor
8. her beauty, inside and out

We love you, baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll always be our baby no matter how big you get.


  1. Happy birthday, Monkey Macey! Love this tribute to her, which is sooo accurate! She is definitely one of a kind. I enjoyed having her all to myself yesterday afternoon...xoxoxo

  2. How cute. She must love that inchie in the Dream Big stamp set and the new animals stamp set witht he monkey in it.

  3. Happy birthday, you monkey!

  4. Tooo cute...I am thinking she likes monkeys! LOL

  5. That's my girl! She is such a little stinker monkey! Love you both!!

  6. Macey says thank you for all the wonderful wishes!


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