Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Fooling: Fantastic Special TODAY

Today is April Fool's Day (as if you didn't know that), but no, this isn't a prank on you. I haven't ever been big on this day and its pranks anyway. I can't wait to see what my school kiddos will try- we haven't been in school on this day for several years.

Today only, Longaberger is offering a fantastic special on the wrought iron magazine rack- only $15 today ONLY (over 50%)! Check it out at my Longaberger site.

It's not just a magazine rack! Use it to
-organize jewelry
-organize belts and scarves
-hold kitchen towels
-keep your phone book close at hand
-and much more!


  1. haley- you need to go to bed sooner!

    I LOVE LOVE the new papers in this upcoming CTMH

  2. That's a great idea...and price! New CTMH papers??? Oh yes, I need my new catalog!

    Hope the kiddos behave for you today. I get Scooter today, with no pranks; only muddy diapers...xoxoxo


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