Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Tutorial: Coloring Ribbon

Ever need ribbon for a project and don't have any that matches? Color your own! If you can't read the instructions, try clicking on each picture to make it bigger.

You can also run the ribbon through an ink pad, but I make too big a mess when I do it that way! I still get inky with this method, but it's not quite as messy for me.
Another way to color ribbon is to dampen it and then put it on a bowl with a few drops of reinker. You'll need something to stir the ribbon around to saturate it with color without totally inking your fingers.
If you color your own ribbon, please post a link in the comments field so we can all check it out. Thanks!


Sarah said...

Another cool thing to color are the little white crocheted flowers from CTMH..they pick up color like you wouldn't believe...and embroidery floss. Is that a new blog backgound? LOVE it!

Sandy B said...

Yes, this is an easy technique, and saves $$. White *stuff* can be colored to match whatever color you are using.

Sheila said...

What a great idea - I have never thought of using the markers instead of the ink pad.


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