Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Race

This morning we are heading about an hour and a half away for our daughters' first race, which begins at 8:30 AM. They have been running cross country twice a week with our local rec department, and today is their first event, a 1K cupcake fun run. That's right, you get cupcake at the end of the run! That's *almost* enough incentive to get me out there jogging too! LOL

I'll try to post pictures later today of all the fun in a fun run, but in the meanwhile here are a few cupcakes I've stamped and decorated. (Notice that I have not baked and decorated any cupcakes! Oh well.) If you'd like to see that (artwork) post, click HERE.

Have a great Saturday, and wish the girls luck!

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  1. Woohoo...I already know that the girls are doing well:) Cute cupcakes, real and paper variety!


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