Wednesday, September 22, 2010

School Projects and a New 'Do

Cross country and dance lessons aren't the only things keeping the girls busy these days. Here's a 7th grade cell project (fortunately completed at school with a partner; I just had to go buy materials the day before), but you'll have to ask the 7th grader what all the parts are! (She's got another big project due Tuesday.)

The 4th grade habitat project took a lot of time (at home) to make. "We" couldn't choose a simple animal like a squirrel or something! Instead it had to be an Asian fairy bluebird. It's amazing what you can do with a color printer and the Internet!

Fortunately no other projects are due this week (although I still have papers to grade!).

Here's a new 'do too!


  1. I used to HATE those "projects" that the kids (and their mother) had to do at home...cabins, covered wagons, etc. However, I do enjoy seeing the pictures of the girls with their projects! (I like the "do at school" idea - furnishing the makins' is the easy part!) And the new hairdo is cute, too...still long enough for a ponytail when she's running, and swing-y when she's not!

  2. School projects--groan! I do remember those. Love seeing these happy smiles, and new 'do.'


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