Friday, June 17, 2011

7th Grade Band & Chorus

Here's another Studio J layout that was so fun to create! At first, I was having trouble matching my photos to one of the kits, so I decided to go with the black/white/neutral palette of the Game On kit. It looked a little plain until I added our school colors, purple & gold, in the form of Gypsy ribbon and buttons with Honey trim. To soften the brightness of the Honey title and journaling block, I layered a piece of "vellum" with the writing onto it. It is really easy to add elements to Studio J layouts!

You may notice that I didn't use any My Stickease art accents with this layout, because the sports-themed images didn't work well with my photos. I am really pleased with how I combined photos from all of her band and chorus concerts into one layout to celebrate the year. I mean, how many layouts do you want/need of each performance?

Another fun aspect of Studio J is that I was able to type journaling by most of the pictures to explain what each photo represents.

Speaking of funny, at the final chorus concert (at left with the purple background and cross), my four-year-old nephew was waving to Ansley as the kids entered the stage. He wanted to know which one she was, so I told him, "The one in the black shirt." He paused for a second, and then said, "Aunt Haley, they're all wearing a black shirt!" He quickly found his favorite biggest cousin. Do you think he's scarred for life?

{Layout 2011 #38}

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  1. Naw...not scared at all. He and his bro truly love their big cuzns...priceless!


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