Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project 12: Monthly Ideas and More

Here are some ideas that might inspire you as you begin this year's "12 for 2012" project (scrapbooking each month's highlights).

Weekly Challenge #52 (from Memory Minder for 2011 Memory Logbook from Log Your Memory)
Reflection Challenge: Reflect on the past year.
Summarize the past year by choosing a central theme and then documenting month-to-month how that theme played out in your life.

Ideas to Explore...
What were you thankful for each month?
What was your biggest challenge each month?
What did you accomplish each month?
What did you learn?
What were the highlights?
Who were the important people in your life?
What are your regrets?
Consider creating a similar layout sharing your monthly hopes, plans, dreams or goals for the upcoming year.

Here's another (similar) idea:
This idea comes via the Write. Click. Scrapbook blog, quoting Tina Aszmus, who does something on her blog called, "Currents." She blogs the following things (with a bit of creative license and variation) every week or so:
•listening to

Other links to check out:
Marcy P.'s DIY "Project Life"
2011 Year-in-Review layout
Printable end-of-year time capsule (PDF to fill out)

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  1. What am I thankful for each month? FAMILY, of course. I have been keeping a paper calendar for years that chronicles our travels and events. And I save each calendar for ez reference:)


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