Monday, November 18, 2013

Watch Out! Learner's Permit Layout Share

This summer, our 15-year-old got her learner's driving permit.  Watch out, world (or at least our local area)!  I only had a few pictures to commemorate the big event, in part because I was too nervous while she was driving that day to even think about snapping a photo.  I turned to Studio J to scrap these memories.  Once I made the layout, I ordered two copies: one for me and one for her.
Now for the layout details: When I logged in to Studio J, I decided to check out the Express collections, a set of premade layouts in themes for an entire scrapbook.  I wondered if the travel theme might have something appropriate, and I found the above layout.  You could make an entire scrapbook using the theme, or just pick a layout like I did here.  All I had to do after adding my photos was convert the top left small photo well into a title block and then add my journaling in the journaling block.  That's it!  I wish that I had timed myself from start to finish, because I don't think it even took 10 minutes, including uploading my photo.  I think coming up with a title took longer than anything.  The cute "Going Places" sentiment, car, paper selections, brads, etc., were already there in this Express layout.  Cute, right?

BTW, the "grumpy" face is because the DMV computers glitched right after she finished her test.  She saw her score, but the employees couldn't see her score or access her record.  We had to come back a few hours later, and by then the computers had caught up with each other.

The current Heart 2 Heart Challenge is "Game On."   Not only did Ansley get her game on and get her learner's permit, but to me this event and layout certainly fit the game of Life! ;)


  1. That's a fun layout! If I'd had the camera along I could have had some of the grumpy pictures of MYSELF at the DMV in years past, it seemed that nothing we ever did there (and I taught 3 teenagers to drive) was easy. I'm dreading getting my own license renewed next year...

  2. Cute idea for a layout, Haley! My daughter got her learner's yesterday :o)

  3. I completely understand the lack of pictures!!! I was too nervous to even go with! I have just a couple shots that the hubs took for her license. Oh well! You did a fantastic job with the ones you have--I really love how you captured the moment! :)

  4. what a cute layout title for these pictures!


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