Monday, November 10, 2014

H2H Challenges: No Ink

Welcome back to another NO-vember installment of Heart 2 Heart Challenges!  This week's challenge is NO INK!  With our awesome $5 Studio J special this month, I couldn't resist posting one of my recent Studio J layouts.
This layout is one of the Studio J "Express Collections" that are already ready for you to add your photos.  (This one is one of the School Days layouts.)  You have to see the original version to appreciate the changes that I made.  Here's the original:
To begin, I changed the green to Gypsy and the tan to Slate.  This color change fit my pictures so much better!  I next changed the title and then removed the red triangle accents.  I ended up adding the "2014" portion and the flower stitching elements.

Don't be afraid to try changing things up in Studio J.  If you don't like your changes, "undo" is your BFF!  Another great feature of Studio J is that you can order as many copies of your layouts as you would like.  I'll be getting two of these, one for each girl.

Thanks for checking out my H2H NO INK layout.  Be sure to check out what all of the H2H designers have created for you this week.


  1. Aww, three of my favorite a very nice layout!

  2. Great layout - and no ink used, at least by you. I do love being able to order multiples of Studio J layouts.


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