Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dragon Con 2014

Our oldest really wanted to attend Dragon Con in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend, so we went for Saturday (only) of the long weekend.  I couldn't believe the crowds and the amazing, over-the-top costumes!  It was a really interesting day, to say the least.
Using Studio J made it really easy to scrapbook my pictures (all taken with my iPhone).  I used the Elemental collection because I couldn't decide on a color scheme or a theme, and it has great neutral yet fresh color palette.  I did change the Sorbet to Sunset in a few spots to better match our photos.  (That is soooo easy to do in Studio J!)  I am really pleased with how this layout turned out.  I also love that I can make one layout and then order 3 copies, one for each of us.  I know it is an experience we won't forget, and now we have the scrapbook page to prove it!

BTW, if we go again, I am totally making/getting a costume!


  1. Nice layout of a fun and funky event.

    Bugger to Blogger for these pesky word verifications!!!

  2. Great layout! I have some young friends who don costumes every year for this event, it looks like fun. I am hoping to get a laptop in the fairly near future, partly so I can do my Studio J layouts!


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