Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Prom Layout in Studio J

One of the things that I absolutely love about scrapbooking in Studio J is that I am able to order multiple copies of layouts for gifts or for different albums (like one for each of my daughters).  In this case, I made a highlight layout of our daughter's junior prom so that her grandmothers and I could all have a copy.
Another great feature about Studio J is how easy it is now to add or remove photo wells, change photos wells to text boxes and vice versa.  I added the photo under the title in lieu of a journaling block so that I could fit in all the pictures that I wanted to use.

When the layouts arrive, I plan to embellish them with some of our sparkles and silver shimmer trim to coordinate with her dress.  If you'd like to see the layout that I made for her (in the traditional scrapping style), you can click HERE.

Thanks for letting me share my girl with you once again!  This Friday she is getting her wisdom teeth removed, so I would appreciate prayers for a speedy surgery and recovery period.  Thanks!


  1. Oh boy, oh boy...this grandmother will love this gift for sure! Beautiful layout and gal.

  2. Ansley is always gorgeous but she was especially so on this occasion! (I still can't get over that dress - I seriously love it.) Great layout, Studio J is such fun.


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