Sunday, April 26, 2009


Getting (and staying) organized is a challenge of mine. In certain situtations, I am organized to a fault, but in others... Sigh. Here however is a great organizing trick that is really working well for my family. I parked this 3-shelf cart by our front door (how I wish I had a true foyer!) and then got a Longaberger small rectangle storage basket for each family member (on the bottom two shelves). I used some manilla tags to label each one w/our names. DH has even gotten into the habit of checking his basket occasionally! This is huge because he used to think that our mantel was his personal depository. Yuck.

On the top shelf, I have two catch-alls. The larger one on the left is my medium market basket for my coupon notebook (more on that later!) and anything else outgoing (library books, etc.). I can take the whole basket w/me- or just some of the contents- as I head out the door. The small basket (in the middle) is a retired Mother's Day basket from years past, and it is a beautiful catchall for anything small. My last handy-dandy tip is my small hanging wall basket that hangs on the backside of our front door. The girls usually keep sunscreen, bug spray, and sunglasses in there now that it is warming up. If everything has a place, then we can put everything away in its place. It sure makes me happy when we're clutter-free and organized!

What is your best tip for combatting clutter? Or what storage solution works well for you?


  1. Looks like a good plan! I wish I had some tips for combating clutter! Maybe "stay home and clear it out" rather than "go have fun with your friends!" No, somehow that isn't happening. I'll have to find a happy medium somehow! :-)

  2. Now on to the bedroom for organization......

  3. I gave your father a whole section of the bookcase to put his 'stuff' in to hide from (my) view!
    And I moved my Longaberger metal rack with 5 baskets into the bedroom where the crib is. I'll put two tags each for 'da boyz' so I can keep their things separated, and use the top basket for wipes, baby powder, and other baby paraphenalia to it is close to the changing table. Still more to be done...

  4. My best tip is to clean off all counter, surfaces every night...even if you just put it in a box and sort it out later. IT just makes everything look better...and clean out the sink every night.

  5. Love the tips! Keep them coming. Amy, I don't think that was a tip but I'll let it slide. Joy, I'm totally w/you on that!

  6. Hi Haley -looks like we have lots in common: CTMH and Longaberger! I'm a consultant for both as well :) You would think I'm very organized but I'm too much of a procrastinator for that! I aspire to those ideals, but find I'd rather be stamping! LOL
    Love your artwork :)
    *inky hugs*


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