Saturday, April 4, 2009


Yesterday my Mom and I went to the memorial service for my dear friend Traci's sister. (Traci and I have taught together for MANY years, and for the past 3 we have been co-teachers together in the same classroom.) It has been a long difficult month, but now Terry is in a much, much better place. As hard as it is to lose a loved one, it is some comfort to know that their suffering is over. My heart goes out to Traci and her family as they learn to live with this hole in their lives, and I pray that God will give them comfort and peace.


  1. It is very difficult losing a sibling. Hugs again to Traci! She is such a sweetie.

  2. Give Traci a hug from me, too.

  3. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and hugs! I love all of you.
    Sandy and Haley thanks for coming to the funeral Friday.
    Each day continues to be very difficult, but having friends such as you guys gives me something else to think about! Joy, I love the box you made Saturday and thank you for your kind words.

  4. I actually redid the top of the box when I got home. I'm more satisfied w/it but not 100% yet! I'll just have to make another one...


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