Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Card Giveaway WINNER!!!!

Congrats to JOY for winning the card from the Blogtoberfest card giveaway! Email me the deets and I will get it mailed out ASAP (or whenever you prefer). Congrats!!!!


chunkygal said...

this has to be rigged!

Haley D. said...

Nope! You had to comment to enter, and with only three entries there was a good chance of winning! LOL

Joy said...

I'm so thrilled! (and yes, I checked Nov. 1 and there were only 3 entries!) I'll email you Anna's address, this will be a great surprise in her mailbox! Thank you.

Joy said...

I sent you the address. Whatever message you think - since she knows you she will be thrilled to hear from you, whatever you say. Something about hanging in there with classes, etc.
Thank you!


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