Thursday, November 5, 2009

Venting (with a Hilarious P.S.)

How was your day? Do NOT read on if you want to be uplifted. LOL (Although there is a true funny at the end!)

Mine began with a student telling my co-teacher to "screw this crap." Yep, out of the mouths of babes (or at least 11-year-olds)! Needless to say, we did not have the pleasure of his company for the rest of the day. I am so proud of Ms. Martin for not rearranging his face! ;) (I might think those thoughts from time to time, but I sure don't say them!)

The rest of the day was quite pleasant.

We got our school pictures back the other day, and the portrait of one of our kids is the absolute funniest thing I have EVER seen! I so wish I could show it to you!!!!!!!! If you can stop by my classroom, I will be happy to show it to you. I am thinking about buying a package for posterity's sake. It is so funny! His eyes are wide open like "Oh no!!!! Caught!" We also got the 2nd funniest photo ever: this one kid looks like he is so totally up to no good. These are their self portraits, you know. ROFLOL

I got this from another teacher today: Earlier today, one of my students came up to me with a very serious look on her face... she asked me "What happens to the papers that go in the recycling bin? Do they use them to make NEW trees?" I tried my best to give a serious answer, although it was quite difficult.


  1. Oh that is a classic.. made me smile. Not the first bit though. I don't know how you do it Hayley.

  2. everyone knows the papers from the recycling bin mate with the lost socks form the dryer, but you couldn't explain that either!

  3. I like CG's response! We always want kids to ask questions, but it sure is hard to keep a straight face on some of them...and you sure have to in your position so that you won't hurt tender feelings.

    Great restraint on not smacking that smart mouth kid! You two ROCK!!!

  4. Even the first part made me laugh, then say "oh dear". I can so hear an 11 year old saying that, unfortunately. But he needs to learn when and where...and NOT to his teacher!


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