Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Weekend Report

It has been one BUSY weekend! I won't bore you (I hope) but here are the highlights:
*I was a vendor at a holiday bazaar at a nearby town to benefit their high school marching band. Though I didn't have any sales, several people were interested in the services and products I offer. I met a lot of nice people and supported a good cause. :)

*The girls had tons of fun playing w/their cousins!

*Daddy & Ansley went to see A Christmas Carol. She said parts of it were scary, but she really liked it. She wasn't as familiar w/the story as I would have thought. Miss M and I had a lovely evening at home: bubble baths, manicure (for her), and National Treasure for the umpteenth time.

*My meeting after church went well.

*After cutting and sorting coupons, I hit the grocery store wide open- by MYSELF! (The girls were at their grandmother's for the afternoon.) No huge coupon savings this week (but I hope to order more before the week's out for some of the sales) but at least I've got plenty of food now to cook for this week.

*I played "guinea pig" for a new recipe tonight that my Mom made. It was not a keeper. Don't you just hate that?!? Oh well- win some, lose some. It was just nice being there!

Now off to read a few chapters of my textbook before tomorrow night's (2nd-to-last) class. I think that our group project is finished but will know for sure tomorrow after my partners (in crime?) have read through it. We only have one more class (in December) but a TON of work to do before the end. Wish me luck- and patience! Thanks! (And if you've hung in w/me this far, an especially big thank you to YOU!) ;)


  1. Loved your update!!! I really want to see Christmas Carol...did they watch the 3D version?
    I Love National Treasure.

  2. Supporting another marching band??? Do you not bleed purple and gold?

    The piccolos always sound sweeter on the other side of the fence.

  3. I DO bleed purple & gold (and blue & gold as you should too) but I'm a sucker for a cause.

  4. Being a sucker for a cause just runs in the family.

    Thanks for being a guinea pig for my disappointing recipe (not MY recipe, y'all understand). And I still have leftovers...

  5. what is blue and gold??

    I hate when recipes don't work out, but you gotta try new things to find the gems

  6. Wow, I forgot even though I was a cheerleader for the football team when I was there....good time, good times


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