Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remember Those Who Served

On Monday, my school had a Veteran's Day Remembrance Celebration. The students were encouraged to invite a veteran to attend the ceremony. Here's Macey with her Grumps (my Dad- Coast Guard) on the left and her Great-Uncle Joe (Logan's uncle- Army) who now serves in the North Georgia Honor Guard. The Honor Guard showed the students how to fold the flag and what the flag and each fold means. During the ceremony, all branches of the service were recognized. When we went outside to the playground, the Honor Guard gave a gun salute (with blanks of course) and then the ceremony ended with Taps.

Please stop today and take time to remember those who have served our country. We are so thankful that they served, fought, and sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy and all too often take for granted. We remember Grandad Ralph today too (at left, Korea, 1950s). We sure do miss him, but he is always in our hearts!

Which veteran do you remember today?

We also celebrate Linda's recent retirement from the Army. (That's her on the right.)

And say an extra prayer today for those who are currently serving our country at home and abroad. We are thankful for their service. We especially pray for Dr. John! Please feel free to add names of those who are currently serving here so that we can pray for them and their safety too.

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  1. Grumps was honored that Macey asked him to attend the assembly with her.

    Congrats to Linda! And thanks to ALL veterans, and those troops currently serving, especially Dr. John.

    And thanks to the families left behind.


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