Saturday, April 10, 2010

Miracle Kit Layout #1/Irresistibles {Tip}

This layout was so easy to make, and I love how it turned out! I followed the directions in the Miracle kit to create the "Celebrate" layout to celebrate our trip to Callaway Gardens in 2008.

Here are a few hints:

Create the left page first, working from the bottom up. I found it was easier to glue on the die cut at the bottom and then build from there. Next, I lined up the pieces to my left page once the right page was glued down. That way, I didn't have to measure and my pages line up beautifully. Since I did not have an 8"x8" photo to fill that large photo square, I cut four photos down to 4"x4" each.

(Sorry I forgot to take close ups of the 2nd page!) The pictures of the girls are in the cool Flip-Flaps that come with the kit. The brochure even explains how to use them. I slipped my pictures into the flaps, and then placed them over my layout (without adhering them yet). That way I could see where to stick the bottom set of pictures, directly on my layout (so that they wouldn't show around the edges of the flip-flaps).

Finally, this kit includes the most adorable chipboard Irresistibles! What are irresistibles? CTMH has a new line of alphabet stickers and chipboard shapes that have preprinted clear designs (polka dots on the alphabet, for example). It's like they've been clear embossed before coming to you. Then you can sponge color onto the Irresistibles and the white base shows through. How cute is that?

Tip: Swipe the Irresistibles with the sponge instead of pouncing. I found that I could add color more quickly and more richly by swiping or burnishing it on. (Burnishing is basically rubbing the sponge around in a circular motion.)
{2010 layout 20}


  1. Thanks Haley for the hint on the resistables. My CTMH person told the kit was coming but I wasn't getting the concept of the resistables. Also thanks for the bigger pictures :0) Love the details

  2. Beautiful layout, I can't wait to play with this set. Hugs!


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