Friday, April 9, 2010

We Interrupt Our Regulary Scheduled Program for a Studio J Update

This just in: My Studio J order arrived last night! Here is what was waiting for me on my couch when I got home from dance class.
Now, I know I said yesterday that I would share some more of my Miracle kit creations, but that is just going to have to wait and you are going to have to be patient. This Studio J scrapbooking is just way too fun!!!

I didn't print a single one of these pictures. Studio J did it for me! I didn't cut a single piece of paper or ribbon. No brads or buttons were harmed in the making of these layouts. (Best of all, I still have "real" paper, ribbon, and embellishments in my stash to play with.)

The Sweet Pea kit is retired but available exclusively in Studio J.

Ditto for this Halloween paper, and I was able to order two copies of this layout, one for each girl. I could have created the first one, copied it, and then changed it a bit to personalize it if I had wanted to.

I have one more Studio J layout to share sometime soon, but since it is a gift it will have to wait. Patience, remember?

{2010 layouts 15-19}


  1. I love your layouts but it's really hard to see any detail at the size they are. When I click the picture it doesn't get any larger. Anyway we can get views with more detail. Thanks for all the posts by the way!

  2. I look forward to seeing them "in person" but I still think I will keep on the "old fashioned" way at least for now. Playing with the paper and photos is part of the fun for me!


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