Friday, February 24, 2012

More Studio J Fun

Have I told you how much I love Studio J online scrapbooking?!? Because it is so easy to use, I am getting so many more of my family's photos and memories scrapbooked!
These layouts are all about making gingerbread houses at church each December. (God bless you, Ms. Alice!) I was able to create three different layouts easily using my digital photos of the houses since 2008. (I'm not sure if that's the first year, but that's the first year that I have digital photos of the houses.) I made a separate layout of each daughter and her houses through the years, plus the third one is for me, because I love that they love this tradition. (Honestly, I also love that someone else makes them with them!)
Another thing I love and was able to capture in the layouts so well is the evolution of complexity, design, and overall sugary goodness as the years advance! Without Studio J, I am not sure that I would have ever been able to get these photos preserved.
Remember, CTMH is offering "Five Free" in February: purchase a Studio-J five pack, and get another five pack free (along with free shipping and free memory protectors). That's ten layouts printed and shipped to your door for only $5.50 each! Give Studio J a try this weekend! Getting started is absolutely FREE.


  1. Love these layouts! And I'm excited to start working in Studio J soon. I got my codes...and I was pleased to see that we're talking about five TWO PAGE layouts in the "BOGO" offer, so it's really an amazing deal, you get twenty pages in all!

  2. Love them! And love the current Studio J offer...


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