Sunday, October 25, 2009

Twitterpated Workshop Today

This afternoon after church I'll be scrapbooking and making cards with a great group of ladies. Here's a peek at the cards we'll be making. (I'll show you my layouts when I actually get the photos on them.)
Here's a hint about the two adorable mushrooms. The caps are half of a decorated chipboard circle! If you don't have a chipboard circle, I bet you can cut a circle of patterned paper in half. (Have you ever thought of making your own chipboard with thin cardboard? Empty cereal boxes work well! If you think it's too thin, cut and adhere a second layer for more thickness.) If you have any broken buttons they sure would be cute too. (Now I'm going to have to go dig through my button box to see if I have any suitable "mushrooms!")
The stem is actually a stamp, but how easy would it be to draw your own or cut some paper? I challenge you to try making some dimensional mushrooms today! If you do, leave me a comment with a link to your creation so we can all go "ooh and ahh." Thanks for stopping by. Now go get creating on this beautiful day!


  1. Hold on while I retrieve the cereal box out of the trash...too clever!!!

  2. Got it and a styrofoam cup before it was too late...

  3. Sorry i couldn't make it! Due to my marathon card session yesterday i was so behind in what I had to do AND I fell asleep. mentioned the cereal box at a gathering once and someone pointed out to me it wasn't acid free..I don't think it is the biggest deal but...

    I love. love the twitterpatted paper!

  4. No the cereal boxes aren't acid free, but who cares on a card? NO OFFENSE CARD MAKERS! Your cards are definitely works of art and should be preserved forever!!!

    The great thing about CTMH papers is that they are buffered, so the acid shouldn't migrate to the rest of your project.

    CG, we missed you! Just wait until you see our lovely creations. I just need to put the finishing touches on mine.

  5. Is it pathetic to comment on your own blog posts?!?

  6. No, it's not pathetic - it's a dialogue! Yes, DQ, we did miss you but we had a great time creating the layouts and cards. Now that I have printed the picture, I'll finish putting my cards together tonight. (I had to leave early yesterday).


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