Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy birthday, Dad!

Some may remember and honor one of our Founding Fathers today, but instead we celebrate my Dad! Happy birthday, Grumps!!! We love you and wish we could be with you to celebrate. Enjoy your special day and your steak tonight!
Thanks for being the best Dad a girl could have. I appreciate all the character building throughout the years, the many travels (especially sitting on the seat with no books nor "Intendo"), and so many more fond (and happy) memories! Most of all, thank you for your love, support, and your belief in me.

I couldn't resist posting a few photos of this past year. The first is from our trip to Hunting Island.
Mom and Dad's 41st anniversary

Being silly with the girls

Hard to tell which one's the ham or the turkey, isn't it? LOL

Again, we wish we could celebrate with you today. Know that we're together in spirit at least and thinking of you always and especially on your special day.


  1. Dad and I are both sitting here laughing over his scarf photo! You got him GOOD!!! He said it is a *fetching* photo. Thanks, honey...he is actually gonna use my account and comment!

  2. At least the really nice "DO" cuts down on the glare. I'm glad you "appreciate all the character building throughout the years". Not sure any of you appreciated some of it at the time. It's too bad we no longer celebrate George's birthday as he was one of the greatest Founding Fathers. Thanks for the Bday wishes. Dad

  3. Aww love the photos....MY Dad is my hero too...I wish he was closer!

  4. Wow , Dick looks sooo good in purple, he must be a "winter"


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