Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hot Chocolate

Today seems like the perfect day to post this layout since we're unexpectedly out of school! (The funny thing is that when my alarm went off, I ran to the front door, looked out, and saw nothing but a dry deck and a few teeny tiny snow flurries. Took my shower as usual but then got the call that school is cancelled. What the heck? Who am I to complain? We'll pay for it later. Plus, since we're headed down toward the Big City for the girls' dentist appointments this afternoon, this "day off" makes our lives a whole lot easier. BTW, Ansley will have at least one baby tooth pulled this afternoon- orthodontist's orders- because the permanent tooth is already jutting out of the gum above. Poor kid! I don't know whose teeth she inherited!)

Anyway, back to the layout: This sketch is featured in the Topstitch Workshop on the Go that we put together last month. (This kit is available through April.) I couldn't resist borrowing Debora's retired "Coffee Shop" stamp set for all the stamped images. I love how it turned out.

The layout will go in our "Things We Do & Love" album. I am so thankful that I am learning to scrapbook the little thing in life that matter to us, rather than just the "big events." (Those big things are important too, but it's sometimes so much fun to capture the everyday, who we really are.)

Now, what is your favorite hot beverage for a cold winter's day? The coffee's on for hubby, and I think I need to go brew myself a spot of hot tea. Earl Grey or Irish Breakfast this morning?

{Layout 2010 #10}


  1. i can't believe you got up and posted already. you make me feel like such an underachiever!

    I love how it turned out, too and I like coffee with cream and one ice cube,please

  2. Hey, I was up thinking I was going to work! The girls share your love of one ice cube in their hot beverage. ;)

  3. Black coffee, one ice cube!

    Adorable l/o. I see lots of my favorite 'things' there:-)

  4. What a cute layout. Looking at all those cups, I could go for a cup of coffee right now.

  5. Hot tea, one ice cube for me, too! or at least a little cold water. I think a cup of peach tea is sounding really good right now, maybe with a little honey in it!
    Extra hugs to Miss A, I hope the tooth let go fairly easily.


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