Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tweetie Pie

This card is for my Tweetie Pie, AKA DD#1. I LOVE my new Somebirdy Loves You stamp set! If you frequent my blog, then you saw this same card pattern at my open house post. I used some of the extra pieces to create this one. I colored in parts of the image with Sorbet, Sweet Leaf, and Bamboo after stamping them with Chocolate (ink). The little bow added the sweetest little accent to the bird stand. Can you see the holes I pierced in the corners of the focal image?

On the inside, I stamped the "i wuv you" sentiment, plus a large and small bird (thinking they look like Mom and Baby) with a little Sorbet heart. Ansley will be getting a puppy box of the fudge-covered animal crackers as her Valentine gift. I think this one also meets the Cute Card Thursday Challenge #99: In the Name of Love!
Did you watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics last night? I admit to falling asleep through part of it- not that it was boring but that I was TIRED! I love seeing all the nations come together, give their best, and have some good clean fun. I don't really have a favorite sport, and I am amazed at how interesting they all can be to watch.


  1. SOOOO sweet!!!
    I watched them ..great ceremony..even with the hitch at the end when the thing didn't lift up.

  2. I love all your cards - so perfect for the recipients, too (are are the animal cookie boxes - how cute!)
    I watched MOST of the opening ceremony last night...and enjoyed it...but gave out about 11:15 and went to bed. Drat this cold I have, I wanted to see it all...but have looked at pictures today. Hugs!

  3. Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you will not have a leg to stand on.............................................

  4. Awww, so 'tweet.' Miss A will love it. Perfect for her.

    Dad and I watched the ceremonies last night (love TIVO).

    Big hugs to all...


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