Sunday, March 28, 2010

4-H DPA Success!

Ansley and three of her close friends (two pictured here) all took FIRST PLACE in their categories at the regional 4-H Cloverleaf DPA (4th-6th grade District Project Achievement) competition. Her speech was on the Havana Brown cat breed, and she did a fantastic job! (This is not just a proud momma speaking; my fifth graders have participated in CPA for as long as I've been teaching here- I think 11 years?- so I have sat through many a speech!)

I am so proud of every single kid who participated in DPA, whether they placed or not. Researching a topic, writing a speech, creating some posters, and then getting up presenting their topic in front of an audience takes a lot of courage and determination. Also, our county had 81 participants. Go, Union County!!!

Here's part of our group for their "crazy" photo op after the more serious group shot.

A few more of the participants...

We won't mention any of the secret crushes going on in 6th grade right now!

After church today, I think we are going to come home and relax a bit (in between loads of laundry and other chores). I am excited to get to see my parents again since they have come back home from their winter "retreat" to warmer weather. :)


  1. How wonderful to get a ribbon (1st place no less) hope you have a wonderful visit with your parents.

    Dorothy from gammology

  2. Congratulations to Ansley and the others who took part. And Happy Birthday to YOU!

  3. Congrats to A & I on their first places! Woohoo...happy gals for sure.


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