Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Shenanigans

This afternoon we decided to make a GREEN cake for St. Patrick's Day! (One year when the girls were much smaller, a crazy leprechaun visited our house while they were at school and got green glitter EVERYWHERE! He also managed to make a mess of things around the house while he was at it.)

Our culinary creation is actually a lemon cake (one of our faves) that Macey and I dyed green. It turned out quite lovely, except for the big sag in the middle. That has never happened to me before, so I attribute this calamity to another naughty leprechaun.

I thought about adding green sprinkles and green sugar to the frosting, but we're all sweet enough. ;)

Yep, that's green milk with our green cake! Maybe we should have had green eggs and ham this morning.


  1. Looks like Macey really enjoyed making that green cake - but Miss A didn't look so thrilled with the green milk. Can't say that I blame her! :-) Hugs!

  2. It was actually her idea, and they both drank it all up!


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