Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Day {AGAIN}!

When the alarm went off this morning, I looked outside to find it WET but not WHITE. I took my shower as usual and was very surprised to get the call saying no school today. By 8:00 AM this morning, though, the snow was coming down and piling up!

Since we will have to make up today on either a Saturday or during spring break, DH decided we had to get out. We took my 4x4 since it's roomier, his brother piled in with us, and up the mountain we went. (I think we were ahead of the DOT, but we were fine on the main roads in 2-wheel drive.)

When we pulled in to the Byron Herbert Reese Memorial trailhead/parking area, 4-wheel drive was necessary. There had to be a good 4-6 inches up there! Let the snowball fights begin!

Can you see Uncle Reid's snowball in the top left headed right toward me?!?

We went out to Helton Creek Falls while we were out. They were absolutely beautiful!

Macey pointed out these mushrooms (or whatever they are) growing on the side of the tree, and she said they must be fairy shelves or steps. Too cute!


  1. Unka Reid was treading on dangerous territory! Looks like fun, but I'm happy to be warm here and SEE the snow photos! I'm a wuss.


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