Saturday, August 7, 2010

Card Tin and Dividers

Sometimes a thank-you card just isn't enough. That is certainly the case for my aunt and uncle, who were so gracious and generous when we visited with them while camping in Florida earlier this summer. I truly wracked my brain for something to show our appreciation, and this is the first part of what I decided to do. I thought about what I could do or offer that she didn't already have and that would be useful, and the card tin (full of cards) came to mind.

I needed it to be somewhat subtle and neutral, so I used the elegant Silhouette paper pack (in black, Bamboo, White, and Colonial White) paired with New England Ivy for a punch of (subtle) color. I also used up some more scraps in my quest to clean up and move my stamp room. (The flowers on each side may not be too practical, but they are pretty and functional: they cover up the uneven seams! LOL)

The handmade dividers inside help to sort the cards by various themes: Just Because (ones with no sentiment), birthday/anniversary, wishing you well (encouragement, thinking of you), thank you, holidays (because I didn't have a "seasonal" stamp), and finally a blank tab that she can either customize or use as I have, to hold envelopes. I managed to stuff 40 cards and envelopes into the tin.

The piece de resistance is the magnet I decorated to hold stamps on the inside lid, and the loop of ribbon to hold a pen. (NOTE: Do NOT put your ribbon loop as close to the edge as I did as it will make closing your tin a little tricky. You need it to be away from the edge a bit. Mine works fine when you move the pen a bit.)

Here's hoping she likes it and will enjoy corresponding with friends and loved ones!


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  2. She'll love it! It is functional and beautiful, honey. It really is. You are a sweetie!

  3. Wow...40 cards! What a great gift. I LOVE your idea to use a magnet to attach the stamps!


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