Saturday, August 28, 2010

My First Official Ustream Video Tutorial: Button Bracelets

This afternoon teaching LIVE online at Creative University was so much fun! If you watched it live, thank you so much for joining in!

If you want to learn how to make a button bracelet, be sure to check it out (link below). (Part of it will be so silly because I am reading the chat comments and responding to them- you won't be able to see what was written and only hear my silly comments.) It was tons of fun, and I hope to record some videos on my own Ustream channel: InkyScrapper.

Rather than have this crazy video continually play here on my blog, click right HERE to watch it when you have time. It's 30 minutes or more though you really don't need all that time to get the "gist" of how to make a button bracelet. (I am planning on making a short follow-up video to show you the closure more carefully, but I'll let you know when it will air or is posted.)

If you'd like to see my first button bracelet, click HERE and then scroll down in that post.

Thanks again for watching!


  1. I am loving your video!

  2. Great class today! I loved the button bracelet! I am a follower.


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