Monday, August 9, 2010

Quote of the Week & More

"Always do right. That will gratify some of the people, and astonish the rest."

~ Mark Twain
Now for some random thoughts:
Today I head back to work. (Yeah, I know, some of you are not feeling very sorry for me!) I face each school year with excitement tinged with a bit of nervousness. Yes, teachers get nervous too! (Open House is actually the worst- getting up in front of the parents is WAY different than working with the kids!) Some of the questions that always buzz around my brain are: What will my students be like? Can I meet their needs? Can I make our curriculum exciting and meaningful to them? Can I help them be successful and reach their goals while fostering their dreams? Will their parents and I have the same high expectations?
I also realize every year that I am getting a bit older, and though my girls are about their age, the generation gap is getting wider. Do I have what it takes to reach them? (I am amazed that this will be my 18th start of school on this side of the teacher's desk and my 12th as a 5th grade teacher. How did that happen?!?)
We will spend today and the next three days preparing for their arrival. The paperwork alone will kill you, not to mention trying to get a cold conrete room to look inviting! And where are we going to put everybody?!? On Thursday afternoon, the students and their parents are invited to an informal drop-in "Meet the Teacher" (so preplanning is oh-vah) and then school begins on Friday the 13th. Is that an omen or what? Budget cuts and pay cuts are making it hard on everyone, and this year will be no exception. We are all trying to do more on less, but we will do our best to meet the challenges that arise.
If you're of the praying sort, please say a prayer for everyone involved in education, from the students to the teachers to the staff who keeps things running smoothly to the administrators at the top. When does school begin in your area? Are you involved in any way (a parent, a student, etc.)?


  1. Being the mother of two teachers, I am mostly involved on the praying end...and on the listening end when my girls share their good and bad experiences.

    Good luck, honey. You'll have another great year. I know it.

  2. My baby girl turned 22 in April, sometimes it's bittersweet that I don't have to buy school supplies any more!

  3. Did you mean 'oy vey'? Praying for a good year!!!


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